South Seas Spray Tan

Since 2001, South Seas® has grown from a small airbrush tanning salon to a worldwide purveyor of paraben-free spray tanning & body care essentials. This custom tan will leave you beach ready and feeling wonderful!

Body Exfoliation

A variety of delicious smelling salt and sugar scrubs are available for your enjoyment.  Exfoliation stimulates circulation and eliminates dead cells revealing new, healthier, smooth skin.  Freshly exfoliated skin increases product absorption for improved hydration and helps reduce risk of ingrown hairs and ensures a more even and longer lasting spay tan. Choose from: Bourbon Bubbler Brown Sugar Smoothing Scrub Citrus Grass Salt Scrub Moroccanoil Body Buff Tropical De-Aging Mango Passionfruit Saltmousse Chanti Grapeseed Sugar Scrub Ask about our seasonal Farm House Fresh & Suncoast Salt scrubs

Back Facial

The hard-to-reach back area needs cleansing and pampering too!  Back facial includes exfoliation, steam, mask, a light massage and a veil of moisturizer.

Moroccanoil Body Ritual

Be revitalized, refreshed and relaxed by this luxurious journey that is inspired by a traditional Moroccan hammam and Shirodhara ritual. Our Moroccan ritual begins with the detoxifying and invigorating benefits of a full body dry brush exfoliation. Once the skin is cleansed and revitalized, Moroccanoil’s intense hydrating treatment is applied with a relaxing and deeply therapeutic hot stone massage. Our body buff is used to gently exfoliate and soften the feet and hands. The journey concludes as Moroccanoil’s  Shirodhara scalp treatment and intense hydrating mask are warmed then massaged into the scalp and hair.

Detox Seaweed Wrap

Wrap yourself in seaweed therapy. This effective treatment begins with an allover body scrub to increase circulation, smooth skin and prepare it for maximum product absorption.  Your body is then covered and wrapped with warm seaweed.  As stress and toxins are eliminated, your entire body resurfaces youthful and replenished.  Not available to individuals with shellfish allergies or iodine sensitivities.

De-Stress Moor Mud Wrap

This scientifically proven holistic healing black magma dates back to ancient civilizations. A warm aromatic moor mud, rich in natural vitamins, minerals and enzymes, is generously applied to your entire body.  Sore muscles, aches and pains are alleviated as your body’s circulation is stimulated and stress vanishes.  Ideal for chronic pain, fatigue, rheumatism, and post-sports injuries.

De-Aging Tropical Fruit Wrap

Combining the tropical extracts of mango and passion fruit, this wrap is rich in key anti-aging ingredients such as repairing vitamin C. As the creamy yogurt formulation is applied all over your body, you are transported to a sublime tropical oasis. Your skin emerges revived and refreshed, smoother, firmer and vividly brighter.

Agave Nectar Cactus Toning Wrap

A warm, aromatic getaway that takes you through fields of citrus smoothness, into a firming cactus wrap that hydrates, plumps and smooths skin.  After a nest of cozy warming blankets you’ll feel light and woozy without ever drinking the sweet Agave Nectar.