Best enjoyed: Friday after 5
The mood: Stress level: 0. Relaxation level: 10 
Experience: You’re in for a wintery treat! Dip into a whole milk and chicory root bath soak to calm and soften skin. A fine grain sea salt scrub, with holiday notes of honey, clove and cinnamon, buffs away roughness – leaving skin feeling fresh and renewed. Then, you’ll be painted with a creamy organic chocolate mask containing age-fighting CoQ10 and essential vitamins. The grand finale is a melted shea, cocoa and mango butter massage drizzle that leaves skin soft, glowy, and deliciously scented with soft ice cream-like notes!


Available in a Body Treatment 145+

Signature Manicure/Pedicure $105+



Best enjoyed: In a timeless space
The mood: Beginning again
Experience: Your awakening begins with our creamy, hydrating Green Tea Milk Wash cleanser. Red Arizona montmorillonite clay and fine pumice grains help skin begin again, while Peat Perfection – a bionutrient, age-old plant matter — rapidly soothes, moistens, and snuffs out any irritations or itchy ailments. Next, bask in a powerhouse serum ripe with fruit and vegetable high-antioxidant extracts and resveratrol from winery grapes. Then, a botanical blend of three milks and an age-easing peptide thoroughly moisturizes with line-releasing results. Finally, you look years younger with the application of Crow Catcher, a peptide-enhanced silky veil that imparts an instantly addictive eye firming effect that lasts and lasts. The best of earth, plant and peptides!