Project Description

Best enjoyed: Springtime kisses is what I misses
The mood: The seaside life is for me.
Experience: Time for a juicy bubble break! A hydrating, whipped butter and sugar Sweet Tea polish banishes any dry, dead or rough edges. Next, a frothy, bubbling oasis covers every inch of skin, you’ll bask in a super hydrating active relief foam whip that provides moisture to parched skin, while also taking the edge off any sunburn discomfort. If the notes of coconut and Bartlett pears don’t drift you to the edge, the calming chamomile and green tea extracts will! This tropical oasis ends with a coconut, lemon and lime kneading!

Comes with a 30, 60 or 75 minute massage



Best enjoyed: With drops of juicy excitement
The mood: A tangy change of face
Experience: This zippy fruit-filled facial will kick-start your complexion. It begins with a hydrating Green Tea Milk Wash cleanser and whipped shea-sugar exfoliation to remove dead skin cells. Next, a wholesome natural exfoliant smoothes and refines skin. It is made with skin-clearing strawberry fruit extract, organic lavender buds, softening rice powder, and clarifying white mud. Then, a rich, cooling avocado mask calms and infuses skin with moisture and essential fatty acids. Prepare for a smorgasbord of nutrients, as Wine Down Serum brings antioxidant bliss to skin — hydrating, plumping and helping defend against free radical damage, followed by our peptidepacked moisturizers.